1997:  Call discerned by David Bowers to work to end murder in D.C.


December 22, 2000: NMDC starts with David Bowers walking down H Street N.E. asking people if they thought murders could be ended in D.C.


February 2002: Co-sponsored Black History Month Go-Go concert at the Lincoln Theatre sponsored by the Smithsonian Institution and the Shaw Heritage Trust.


July 31, 2002: Met with Mayor Anthony Williams and MPD Executive Assistant Chief Fitzgerald – asked Mayor for performance benchmarks related to the prevention of murder for each city agency.


October 2002: Began attending Police Service Area (PSA) 414 monthly meetings.  It was at these meetings that NMDC sought to gather insights from a murder “hotspot.”.


December 25, 2002: Held “Gift to the City - A Murder Free DC” press event at a N.W. murder site.


Winter/Spring 2003: Participated in Mayor’s Crime Summits One and Two.


Spring 2003: Invited to participate in Homicide Prevention Task Force meetings hosted by Metropolitan Police Chief Charles Ramsey.


June 2003: Participated in Father’s Day Murder Free DC Vigil hosted by the ROOT Foundation.


November 2003: Began to host monthly public roundtables at Ben’s Chili Bowl with sector stakeholders as panelists - Sectors included crews/gangs, education, Go-Go music community, media, and organized labor.


December 2003: MURDER FREE DC Go-Go Task Force first meeting held (initially formed at NMDC November 2003 public meeting).  Per focus agreed upon by Mayor Williams, City Administrator Robert Bobb, Assistant Police Chief Ronald Monroe, members of the Go-Go music community and NO MURDERS DC, the goal was to make the Go-Go a place not only of entertainment, but also education and organizing.  Events were to feature information tables for outreach by City agencies and community service organizations.  The driving theme for the events was the collective work for a MURDER FREE DC.  The understanding at the time was that these events would take place at City owned and privately owned venues. Two events were held. The Task Force also discussed proactive communication between the Police, private club owners and Go-Go promoters to discuss safety procedures at regularly scheduled Go-Gos.


January 2004: Co-hosted first MURDER FREE DC Go-Go Task Force Family Go-Go Expo at MPD ROC North.


May 2004: NO MURDERS DC convenes first meeting of its Stakeholder Working Group (SWG).  The SWG was tasked to develop and implement a comprehensive plan to end murder in D.C. Participants at meetings included: Superior Court Chief Judge Rufus King, U.S. Attorney for D.C. Ken Weinstein, U.S. Attorneys Office representatives Brad Weinsheimer and Matt Miranda, Federal City Council/National Capital Police Fund representative Sam Harahan, D.C. Parent Teacher Association President Darlene Allen, D.C. Public School Office of Superintendent representative Dr. Johnnie Fairfax, CSOSA representative Clifford Keenan, representatives of the Office of the Deputy Mayor, Retta Morris and Council Chair Linda Cropp (Archie Williams), D.C. Housing Authority Police representative Samuel Little, Children’s Hospital representatives Cynthiania Lightfoot and Tasmeen Singh, Latin American Youth Center representative Michael Leon, Columbia Heights-Shaw Collaborative representative John DeTaye and Jeremie Greer, Washington Labor Council representative Fred Allen, Building and Construction Trades Secretary-Treasurer Jerry Lozupone, Metropolitan Police Department Chief Charles Ramsey and Commander C.V. Morris, East of the River Clergy, Police, Community Partnership Executive Director Rev. Donald Isaac, Alliance of Concerned Men Executive Director Tyronne Parker, Hamilton Fish Institute Director Beverly Glenn, National Crime Prevention Council representative Marilyn Morey, ROOT Founder Kenny Barnes, Survivors of Homicide Director Julia Dunkin, D.C. Youth Advisory Council representatives Emilio Dorcely, Stephanie Thomas, Nate Cole and Joshua Maye


May 22, 2004: Mayor Williams proclaims “MURDER FREE DC FAMILY GO-GO EXPO DAY,” with a “MURDER FREE GO-GO” held at the D.C. Tunnel (outgrowth of the MURDER FREE DC GO-GO Task Force). The event is broadcast live on WPGC-FM, with Mayor Williams attending and presenting proclamation.


December 25, 2004: NO MURDERS DC, Tale of the Tape Foundation and other groups launch the “Tour for Life” in front of Curtis Mozie’s Tale of the Tape Safe House at 1512 7th Street N.W.  A video presentation and structured dialogue engage participants in examining the reasons why murders happen in D.C. and what participants think they can do to help solve the problem.  A curriculum guide is developed.  Over the years the Tour is presented at places including the D.C. Youth detention facility on Mt. Olivet, the D.C. Police Academy, churches, schools and recreation centers across the city.


January 2006: NO MURDERS DC writes urging the DC Criminal Justice Coordinating Council to commit itself to formally develop and adopt by September 30, 2006 a citywide plan and strategy to end murder in the District of Columbia.


Spring 2006: Councilmember introduces the “Comprehensive Homicide Elimination Strategy Task Force Act of 2006.”


December 2006: D.C. Council creates Comprehensive Homicide Elimination Strategy Task (CHEST) Force as part of the “Homeland Security, Risk Reduction, and Preparedness Amendment Act of 2006.”


November/December 2007: CHEST begins meeting. Office of Victim Services Director Melissa Hook is named Chair. Criminal Justice Coordinating Council provides staff support. NOTE: Mayor Fenty publicly stated in 2008 lack of “need for a task force”,did not designate two co-chairs for the CHEST as the law dictated, and did not appoint representatives as the legislation required from schools, religious, mental health, organized labor or ANCs.


Fall 2008: CHEST issues its report.


March 2009:  Report funded by the Metropolitan Police Department and issued by the Healthy Families/Thriving Communities Collaborative Council entitled “Responding to Gang, Crew and Youth Violence in the District of Columbia: A Blueprint for Action” is released. It refers to the 2008 CHEST report in Table 3.


August 2010: NO MURDERS DC sends letter to Mayoral candidate Vince Gray asking if elected Mayor that Mr. Gray embrace the vision and goal of ending murder in D.C. and “...commit to the development and sustained implementation of a comprehensive, public-private plan to end murder in the District of Columbia.”


July 30, 2011: Requested meeting with Mayor Vince Gray.  Request referred to Deputy Mayor’s office.


February 16, 2012: Meeting held with Deputy Mayor for Public Safety Paul Quander.  Subsequent meetings are held with DM Quander and Executive Director of the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council.


June 27, 2013: Stakeholders meet with D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray and present letter signed by 138 persons and organizations asking for public embrace of MURDER FREE DC Goal and convening of task force to update Comprehensive Homicide Strategy Task Force report of 2008.  Requests are denied by the Mayor.  Mayor agrees to further meetings with Deputy Mayor Quander and MPD Chief Lanier.  Subsequent meeting held with Deputy Mayor Quander’s staff and Executive Director of the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council.


Summer 2013: NO MURDERS PROJECT initiated by David Bowers, Daniel Bradley, LaVerne Harley and Heather Raspberry.


August 2013: NMP outreach at 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington.


Fall 2013: Meeting with National League of Cities Staff regarding “Cities United: Reducing Violence and Violent Deaths Among Black Men and Boys” initiative.


Spring 2014: Meeting with clergy leaders to discuss engagement of faith community in the work to end murder.


March 29, 2014: Clergy meeting held with D.C. Democratic candidates for Mayor. Candidates Carlos Allen, Muriel Bowser, Reta Lewis and Tommy Wells all commit to the following: publicly commit to the goal of working to end murder in Washington, D.C. (a “Murder Free DC”) if you are elected Mayor of Washington, D.C. Second – commit to convene a task force comprised of public and private sector representatives to update the “District of Columbia Comprehensive Homicide Elimination Strategy Task Force 2008 Report (Task Force Report)”.  Third – commit to reviewing and implementing with public and private sector participation on an on-going basis, as many of the recommendations as feasible once the report is issued.


April 28, 2014: NMP co-founder David Bowers is a guest on Mid-Morning MOJO hosted by Stephanie Renee on WURD 900AM (Philadelphia)


May 8, 2014: NMP co-founders Daniel Bradley and David Bowers are guests on “Yo Listen Up!” on WPGC 95.5FM anti-violence broadcast hosted by DJ Flexx, Peter Parker and Tony Redz.


May 18, 2014: NMP co-founder David Bowers is a guest on Sunday Morning Hope hosted by Rev. Tony Lee on WPGC 95.5FM


May 19, 2014: Clergy meeting held with representatives of Metropolitan Police and U.S. Attorney’s Office.


December 12, 2014: NO MURDERS DC and local clergy send letter to Mayor-Elect Bowser requesting that Homicide Elimination Task Force be created in first 100 days in office.

March and June 2015: NO MURDERS DC, local clergy and media stakeholders meet with D.C. Deputy Mayor for Public Safety Kevin Donahue and Director of Office of Religious Affairs Rev. Donald Isaac to discuss Mayor Bowser keeping commitment made at March 2014 candidates forum

June 10, 2015: NO MURDERS DC, Tale of the Tape Foundation and Clergy Against All Killing host "Tour for Life" event at Allen Chapel AME.  Event examines impact of homicides and solicits community feedback on causes and solutions to end murder in D.C.

August 3, 2015: David Bowers discusses NO MURDERS DC, work for a MURDER FREE DC and 2015 increase in homicides in DC with "Business Matters" Co-Host Nizam Ali on WPFW-FM

August 2015: NO MURDERS DC issues public call for Mayor Bowser to honor commitment to convene Homicide Elimination Task Force.  Fox-5 News questions Mayor about not keeping her commitment.

September 26, 2015: NO MURDERS DC speaks at annual Unity in the Community Peace walk along DC/PG County border.  Community fair held at Community of Hope AME Church.  Event supported by MPD and PG Police. 

November 2016: Mayor Bowser appoints a Safer, Stronger DC Advisory Committee to come up with recommendations on how to reduce violent crime in D.C.

January 1, 2016: NO MURDERS DC holds New Year's Day Prayer vigil praying for a MURDER FREE 2016 at Freedom Plaza in Washington, D.C. Daniel Bradley, Silas Grant, Ward 8 Councilmember LaRuby May, Rev. Anthony Minter and Curtis Mozie offered challenges to and prayers for various sectors of the community.

January 4, 2016: David Bowers discusses 2016 plans for work to end murder in DC on Business Matters on WPFW with Andy Shallal and Nizam Ali.

January 6, 2016: Courtland Milloy writes column in the Washington Post regarding New Year's Day vigil and NO MURDERS DC vision and work for a MURDER FREE DC.

January 2016: Meeting held with D.C. Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Roger Mitchell to discuss suggestions for the  "Safer Stronger DC Advisory Committee"

February 2016: David Bowers/NO MURDERS DC presents recommendations to Safer, Stronger DC Advisory Committee

March 2016: David Bowers/NO MURDERS DC presentation to AP Government class at Thurgood Marshall Academy high school in Southeast D.C.

May 9 2016 David Bowers and Daniel Bradley guests on Business Matters on WPFW 89.3 FM in DC.  Show includes call in from listeners sharing ideas on how to end murder in DC.